Planning ahead for care in later life

Most of us hope for a healthy, independent old age. But the fact is that many of us will need some form of care in our later years. This might be in our own home or in a residential nursing home.

It’s important to plan ahead for this eventuality because care is expensive. According to PayingForCare1 a residential home can cost around £29,270 a year on average. If nursing care is required, that figure can easily rise to over £39,300 a year2. And this doesn’t include personal expenses such as hairdressing and therapies, or trips out.

Even the average cost of care at home is £17.57 a hour3. So just two hours of daily assistance in your own home could amount to more than £12,826 a year.

We offer a bespoke service to clients and their families who are facing the prospect of looking for care, providing:

  • Assistance with state benefit entitlements and claims procedures
  • Help with understanding the long term care funding options
  • Information clearly explaining the implications of different approaches to long term care planning
  • A service which works closely with clients’ families sensitively and appropriately to ensure full understanding of their needs and priorities and how these might be best met
  • Detailed and clear reporting on any recommendations
  • A fair and transparent service – keeping the client firmly in control
  • A wide remit of services beyond long term care incorporating all aspects of later life planning, such as mitigating inheritance tax
  • Links to other professionals such as accountants and solicitors ensuring a streamlined approach to wider financial and legal matters

We look forward to working with you.

2, Laing & Buisson Care of Older People UK Market Report 2014/15
3, Laing and Buisson – Domiciliary Care – UK Market Report 2011