Helpful advice on finding care, from the specialists

Our storyOn so many occasions, the need for care arises very suddenly, after a fall or an illness, resulting in emergency hospital admission. But when the hospital is ready to discharge their patient, where should they go?

Often at this point the family is desperately trying to work out how to provide the care the person needs.  The person concerned is more worried about getting home to a familiar space where they can feel in control again, even if they are not really capable of looking after themselves any more.

Care in your own homeSometimes all you need is a bit of respite care, to give a hard-pressed carer a short break.

We will help you to get the right assessments, so you know exactly what care needs to be provided.

This can help you to buy some time so you don’t rush into a decision.

We can put you in touch with someone who can provide the care you need in your own home, or someone who can look at residential care homes with or for you, and indicate which are the most suitable for your needs.

All included in our flat rate Handholding Service fee.