Tragedy can cause the need for care following personal injury

Abstract image showing an adviser at work (Simon Emery @ SEA Photography)Care planning is not just for the elderly.

Many younger people are receiving care at home or in residential care. This may be for conditions they have lived with since birth or could be following an accident or negligence, resulting in acquired brain injury or some other personal injury.

There may be a financial settlement, through the courts or as an inheritance, and it is crucial that this money is handled appropriately, as it may have to support the person for many years.

It is important for families to consider their own financial arrangements as we have seen parents die, leaving their estate to a child receiving care, which can affect means-tested benefits and result in the legacy being swallowed up in fees, when some thought could have protected that money.

We can help you to manage that money, refer you for legal advice on the advisability of using trusts, and we have connections with charities who provide support in these areas, such as LimbPower, our nominated charity.

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