Our hub puts you at the heart of what we do

Our hub offers a bespoke service to clients and their families who are facing the prospect of looking for and entering into the Care system, whether it is requiring care at home, or placement in a care/nursing-home. We provide:

  • Assistance with understanding state entitlements and claims procedures
  • Help with understanding the long term care funding options
  • Information clearly explaining the implications of different approaches to long term care planning
  • Help with finding the best rates for your savings as very often our clients have an old deposit account paying little or no interest
  • A service which works closely with clients’ families to help you find the care you are looking for
  • Referrals to good solicitors to help you with your wills and Powers of Attorney and discussing when these may be needed
  • Discussion (and implementation if required) of funeral plans – a subject a lot of families find difficult to discuss
  • A wide remit of services beyond long term care incorporating all aspects of later life planning, such as mitigating inheritance tax

We have found that help in this area covering all aspects of care is at best fragmented, and at worst, non-existent.

We act as a hub from which we can direct clients to the most appropriate links that meet their personal needs. We do not saturate clients in information that does not apply to their circumstances – just clear concise advice that meets their particular needs.