Q. Is it too late to plan my care fees?

A. It is usual for us to help our clients at the point they first need care, or even afterwards. We can probably still help even if you have been in care for a number of years. Of course, planning ahead as far as possible is ideal, but we understand this isn’t always possible and can offer support whenever you feel it is right to ask for it.

Q. How much will I have to pay for care?

A. Average care fees for care in the home for the South East are around £20 per hour, and a care home could cost around £33,852 per year, or over £47,320 if nursing care is required. (Source: www.ageuk.org.uk and www.payingforcare.org) These are an average and you could pay more, particularly in the South East of the country.

Q. What happens if I run out of money?

A. The local authority will assess you and calculate the maximum they are prepared to pay. This may not be sufficient to meet the fees of the home you are in and you may have to move or ask your family to help with the costs.

Q. Will the State Pay?

A. Those who have money to pay for their own care will not get Local Authority funding support. But those without the means to pay for care can expect to be given at least some financial help.

Q. Can I still receive State Benefits if I am paying for my own care?

A. Whilst in care the entitlement to State Benefits can continue. The two most common benefits for those who require care and pay for it themselves are Attendance Allowance and the Funded Nursing Care allowance. Claiming benefits can become quite complex, so it may help to talk these matters through with a Care Specialist.

Q. You seem to offer a lot, are you expensive?

A. No! We offer very fair and competitive advice charges. We’re not always going to be the cheapest, but we offer excellent value for what we provide and our clients tell us this is more important than ‘cheap’. We set our charges at a level which allows us to offer you the high level of service, access and professionalism you rightly deserve. Most importantly we never undertake work without agreeing the advice charge in advance and will explain to you how this can most efficiently funded, either through your financial plans or directly as a fixed fee.

Q. How does your care advice service work?

A. There may be more options for funding care than you realise and it is important to carefully consider all of them. Most clients approach us with an aim to preserve as much capital as possible whilst meeting the cost of care for the rest of their lifetime. Our advice service provides you with help and guidance throughout the whole process of discussing, arranging and financing care funding. Our commitment to our clients is not only in the arrangement of any financial products chosen, but also in the long term monitoring of these plans to ensure they remain relevant and appropriate as care needs may change and as fees increase.

Q. Is advice really necessary?

A. The cost of care is high, often higher than the cost of a mortgage, so getting the right advice can make a significant difference. It can be the difference between having the choice of a comfortable care home or having to rely on the state. Good advice can also help you to ensure you preserve as much capital as possible for your family.

Q. Will you come and visit us for an initial consultation? 

A. Yes. It often helps to see you in your own home as we learn more about the people we are advising. We are always happy to invest our time in showing you what we can do and will typically visit our potential clients in their home or place of work for their complimentary initial consultation. Of course, if you prefer to visit us, then we would love to see you here. Or in these times of social distancing we can speak via telephone or video call if you prefer.