Karen - helping you to plan for your, or your loved one's, care needsAfter many years providing mainstream independent financial advice to high net worth clients of a major bank, I became aware that as my clients grew older they needed a different kind of advice especially with regard to care, and I was unable to help them just as they really needed good advice.

I was also becoming more aware that, like my husband, who lost his leg in a traffic accident over 25 years ago, there are so many younger people living with the results of other people’s carelessness or negligence, or medical conditions, and the higher costs of living that accompany them.

In many cases, financial settlements are made which are designed to provide for the person for the rest of what may well be a long life, and without professional advice suitable options may be overlooked. As a result, the money awarded could run out far sooner than intended.

I am delighted to have been able to set up Care @ Monetary Solutions with Vivian, so that we can bring support, information and guidance to people facing the minefield of arranging care for themselves or loved ones.

As a Later Life Adviser, I am proud to be fully accredited through SOLLA , the Society of Later Life Advisers. This accreditation is only awarded to advisers who have demonstrated a high level of understanding of this area of advice, and who are actively advising clients in this area. The accreditation is reviewed annually, so using an accredited adviser means you are taking advice from someone who knows their stuff!

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