Advice on solving the care fee funding dilemma, from the experts

Care Fee Funding“How long can we afford to pay for care? How long will the money last?”

So often, care is arranged following a crisis, and once the crisis is averted and the relief sets in, it is easy to overlook this crucial question.

If you have more than £23,250, you will be expected to pay for your care yourself, but do you have the money available? Do you need to sell your house or cash in investments? Do you want to? Should all your assets be counted towards this?

Perhaps more importantly, what will happen if the money runs out? Can your care provider afford to take lower or no fees from you?

The local authority will step in when your assets fall below a certain level (currently £23,250) but this may involve moving to another home, which may not be local, and may not provide the standard of care you are used to.

By reviewing your financial options, you can:

  • take away some of the uncertainty
  • preserve an inheritance for the next generation
  • live where you choose to
  • have greater peace of mind so you can better enjoy your life

Assessment of options included in our flat rate Handholding Service fee.

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