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Our story
Care @ Monetary Solutions is an advice service for anyone considering care, whether in their own home or a care environment. We help people find and fund care in a friendly way.

The service was inspired after realising the problems individuals and families are faced with, trying to wade their way through their options and entitlements, when their loved ones are placed into care at what is often a very emotional time. Because of the difficulties, we have decided to set up Care @ Monetary Solutions providing advice on care to help ease the journey for others.
Care in your own home

…holding your hand every step of the way …

Social Services are generally the main point of contact, but they only have time to provide limited help. There is a huge quantity of advice available on the Internet, but it’s not personalised and takes a long time to sift through. That’s why we provide a service that effectively ‘holds your hand’ through each step.

…providing just one port of call

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