Sensitive advice on funeral plans, from people who care

Abstract image of adviser explaining some information to a client (Simon Emery @ SEA Photography)It can be really difficult for children to speak to their parents about what they would want at their funeral. As a non-family member, we have uncovered numerous surprises having these conversations. Examples range from the choice of music, to a lady who always wears trousers wanting to be buried in a dress.

It’s really important for the people left behind to know they are giving a loved one the send-off they would have wanted. Well prepared funeral plans can help with this.

These range from a simple conversation recording your wishes, through to arranging a prepaid funeral plan. A prepaid funeral plan can enable you to pre-select your coffin and plan the service. This can save your loved ones these tasks at a time when they are grieving your loss.

Included in our flat rate Handholding Service fee.

(We may receive a commission from the provider for arranging a funeral plan for you)