Giving you advice on where to get the best returns on cash deposits

Image of Karen MacDonald interviewing a client (Simon Emery @ SEA Photography)Unlike many financial advisers, we’ll even advise on your cash deposits.

Once you’ve considered your options for how to make your money last as long as possible while funding care, you will be keeping some or all of your money in a savings account.

We can help you to manage that cash, to get the best interest rate on it, until you need it.

We will monitor for when a special offer rate expires, or when a fixed term bond matures, If you don’t need to spend the money yet, we’ll find you the best rate, and help you to reinvest it.

We have access to the most up to date interest rates, on all accounts available in the UK, with some not available on the high street. We recommend UK-based providers (no Icelandic banks here) which are all fully covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

All included in our flat rate Handholding Service fee.

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